Let’s celebrate Southampton Pride

» 26 August 2016 » No Comments

As a Union, we are proud to have such a diverse student population and we are here to welcome, celebrate and support you all. And what better way to do it, then at Sunday’s Southampton Pride, home to the city’s biggest LGBT+ party! We’ll have a Union presence at Pride, so keep an eye out […]

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Adventures in Pres Land

» 25 August 2016 » No Comments

Hey everyone! I know I’ve been fairly quiet of late on this blog, but that does not mean the hard work has stopped!  So what exactly have I been doing? The Strategic “pillars” At the first Trustee Board of the year earlier this month, the Board discussed and set our four strategic pillars for the […]

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Tuition Fees: What You Need to Know

» 28 July 2016 » 1 Comment

  The last two weeks have been big for the world of Higher Education, with the Government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF), which will dictate future rises in Tuition Fees, taking shape.   Several Universities are already announcing higher fees for 2017, and we understand that you may be concerned as to what direction the University of […]

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A big step in the right direction…

» 19 July 2016 » 1 Comment

Monday 18th July was my first one-to-one meeting with the President and Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Sir Christopher Snowden. As you can hopefully imagine, I have been looking forward to these meetings as opportunities to develop a positive, open working relationship with him and other senior University staff members. Sir Christopher and I […]

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Hello from Hovden

» 01 July 2016 » No Comments

Hey everyone! Just a brief initial post from me to let you know that I have now taken over from Ben as Union President. The other new full time officers (Elliot, Dan, Flora, Cameron, Tom and David) and I have had an awesome week of handover activities led by the previous team. We are all […]

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That’s all from us!

» 30 June 2016 » No Comments

So, this is the last Sabb blog I’m going to be doing…EVER! Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of a stream of information I’ve been pumping out. This is going to be a bit of what I’ve done over the year and a general goodbye. I’m really good at goodbyes and I have successfully […]

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8 Things To Do When You Move In

» 29 June 2016 » No Comments

Once you’ve unpacked the massive game of car tetris and finally settled into your new house, here are a few things you need to get sorted out to set you up for a good year! If you’re moving out and in on the same day, take a look at 8 things to do when you […]

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What was that about winter graduation?

» 29 June 2016 » No Comments

In the past month I’ve been working on ensuring that all students can graduate at a time that suits them and I’m pleased to say that I’ve had some success! Earlier this year I released a survey to find out if you want to graduate in December. Some students are allowed to graduate in December, whereas […]

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Goodbye Council – and here’s to the future!

» 28 June 2016 » No Comments

The blog below is from Jade Head, Chair of Union Council. I just want to thank for her work this year: even when dealing with challenging circumstances, such as an Emergency Council and the transition away from the Council model, she always worked hard to put democracy and the future of the Union at the […]

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Farewells, Thank you’s, and Things we’ve Gone and Done

» 27 June 2016 » No Comments

Just one year ago our team started our time as Full Time Officers, and it’s fair to say I started as a naïve and pretty nervous person: I started the year with trepidation pinning my pug pictures to my notice board, and jumping a mile every time my phone rang – but I thought to […]

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