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Has your society done something awesome this year?

20 March 2017 » No Comments

In what may terrify some of you, we’re now in the final week of the Spring term for the 2016-17 academic year! It might be an opportunity to wind down before you head home for Easter, take a look back at what you’ve achieved over the past term, or maybe even rush to finish off […]

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Running in the Spring Elections? Here’s what you need to know

23 January 2017 » No Comments

As we head into the second week of exams, now’s around the time that those of you who are thinking of running in this year’s Spring Elections are going to start getting your ideas together, forming campaign teams, and drafting manifestos. It’s also around the time last year that, after two whole weeks living in […]

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Are you ready for the Spring Elections?

30 November 2016 » No Comments

I know it’s only November, but it’s time to get prepared for the upcoming set of elections; these are the big ones – the Spring Elections! For those of you who don’t know, the Spring Elections are when students get to vote in the next Full-Time Officers – who will lead the Union the following […]

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The Big Student Groups Survey

25 November 2016 » No Comments

This year we are carrying out a big review of how we support student groups here at the Union. As part of that we are carrying out the first of what will be an annual Student Groups survey, and because it’s the first one I’ve decided to name it the Big Student Groups Survey (although it […]

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Arts Ambassadors are coming to Southampton!

17 October 2016 » No Comments

This year we are working with the University on an exciting initiative for anyone interested in the Arts and Creative Industries. ‘Arts Ambassadors’ is a scheme launching in November that will consist of a team of students who will deliver, promote, and champion all of the arts that the Union and the University has to […]

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Your opportunity to get involved this autumn

03 October 2016 » No Comments

Hi everybody, As you may be aware the autumn elections nominations are now open! We’ve got a huge range of positions available for you including Community and Volunteer Officer, Postgraduate (Taught) Officer, Senators, and Zone Open Places. We’ve also got a range of academic representative positions up for nomination including Faculty Officers, Academic Presidents, and […]

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